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Chantelle Sublime Push Up Plunge 34D Bra (3952)

Chantelle Sublime Push Up Plunge 34D Bra (3952)

This bra, by the high end European designer Chantelle, is available in size 34D. It features push up padding, doubled straps, no panels for a comfortable and adjustable fit and a small “C” charm. The bra is made of 77% polyester/19% polyamide/4% spandex. Two color options are available: Black or Nude.

I highly recommend this bra for any busty girl who is trying to impress her significant other at home or attract the attention of onlookers when out on the town. The plunge neckline and push up D-cups will give you the perfect level of cleavage for any occasion. In nude this bra is perfect for day or night to make those large breasts look perky with just enough sexy cleavage to show off what your momma gave ya! In black, this classy high-end bra will compliment any pair of black panties and pumps for a sexy tryst. Or you can always wear it alone and let your boobs be the star of the show!

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C-Chic T-Shirt 34D Bra

C-Chic T-Shirt 34D Bra

This bra, by the high end European designer Chantelle, is available in size 34D. It features push up padding, decorative straps, no tags for a comfortable fit and a small bow in front. The bra is made of a synthetic polyester blend and is also available in a variety of colors.

This bra is so adorable. It is the perfect necessity for any 34D girl. Gone are the days of large, full-coverage and bulky full-support “comfort straps.” The decorative straps and foam cups are perfect for those “accidental” occasions when your bra is exposed from underneath a tight shirt or low-cut dress. Also, the price point of this bra is lower than the main Chantelle line thanks to their C-Chic sub brand. Now any curvy lady can wear a Chantelle bra and still remain on budget.

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Panache Cleo Lucy Balconette 34D Bra (5851)

Panache Cleo Lucy Balconette 34D Bra (5851)

This bra, by Panache, is for a busty 34D girl on a budget and ready rock out with her tits out! It features a balconette cup design in a sheer mesh and a dainty floral design along the bust and contrasting front bow. It is also available in a variety of exciting colors.

Once again, Panache has impressed me with their delicious offerings for us busty girls. Every curvy girl knows that leaving a boutique because they don’t make lingerie for “oversized breasts” is embarrassing. With this bra on, despite its low cost, I feel like a million dollars. And you can be your significant other’s million dollar baby with this 34D bra on! Bright colors, perfect for spring and summer and small lace detailing blow any high end bra out of the water. Forget the days you cursed your beautiful god given gifts — now you can show off that amazing cleavage and even show some come hither nipple in this sheer piece of sexiness.

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Panache Cleo Eleanor Full-Busted Balconette 34D Bra (6181)

Panache Cleo Eleanor Full-Busted Balconette 34D Bra (6181)

This bra, by Panache, is for a busty 34D girl on a budget. It features a balconette cup design in a lightweight stretch lace, lightly lined, with a front bow. It is made of 65% polyamide/29% polyester/ 6% elastane and is available in red.

I absolutely recommend this bra for any 34D or even 34DD girl. Without all the bulky padding other bras usually have, this bra lets you show off your natural bust. The cups are sheer on top and the structure of the bra is free of any uncomfortable padding and panels. I recommend this bra for a sexy night with your significant other because it is lightweight and RED HOT! In a sizzling red, this bra screams “Fuck these titties!” It is definitely the perfect accessory in the bedroom… or if you chose to wear it out on the town perhaps a lovely sight for any horny guy or girl if you can nail down a nonchalant wardrobe malfunction… “Oh is that my nipple showing? Can you help me adjust my bra please, sir?”

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34D Bra Measuring Guide

34D Bra Measuring Guide

MarcelGermain / Foter

Are 34dd bras the right size for you? Your bra should fit to you form and figure, nothing more, nothing less. For the best possible fit if you are a 34 dd cup, review these easy to remember sizing tips.

If you normally wear 34 dd bra, put one on as long as it fits comfortably and doesn’t constrict or enhance your breasts. Then, you’ll need a tape measure that can wrap around your chest easily.

34dd bra and band size measurement
You should measure underneath your armpits, high up on your back, and then across the top of your chest above your breasts.

Measure this amount in inches. If this measurement is an even number in inches, that will be your band size. If it’s an odd number, add 1 inch and that will be your proper band size. So if you measure 32 inches, your band size will be 32. And if you measure 37 inches, your proper band size will be 38.

Bra cup size measurement

You need to measure around the biggest part of your chest. Make sure to keep in straight line around as you work with the measuring tape.

Take the number in inches and then subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement. Each inch represents a cup size. For example, if your band measurement is 36 inches and your cup measurement is 37 inches, the difference is one inch, and your cup size is A. If your band measurement is 32 inches and your bust measurement is 35 inches, the difference is three inches, and your proper cup size is C. If you have a band size of 34 inches and and a cup measurement of 39 inches, then you would have a cup size of DD. If you’re currently wearing size 34 dd, then you’ve measured yourself correctly before. You are, in fact, a 34dd.

Bra sizing formula
Difference (band minus cup measurement) / Cup measurement

Less than 1” = AA
1” = A
2” = B
3” = C
4” = D
5” = DD

less than 1″ AA AA AA
1″ A A A
2″ B B B
3″ C C C
4″ D D D
5″ DD/E E DD
6″ DDD/F F E
10″ J GG
11″ K H
12″ L HH
13″ M J
14″ N JJ


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